Exciting Job Opportunities Are Available @ Bowen Group – Apply Today & Get Hired!

Bowen Group has been providing quality services to its oil & gas clients for a decade. Since the start, they have been keeping client satisfaction at the very top. Today, we’ll be listing down some good job opportunities that are available at Bowen Group.

Keep following this article to check out some oil & gas jobs that are available at Bowen Group.

What Bowen Group Is Hiring For:

Above are some few openings at Bowen Group, to view a full list of available jobs click HERE.


  • Work experience is required as per job requirements.
  • Strong Excel and Word skills would be considered an asset.
  • Decisions making, exceptional technical and analytical skills would be a plus
  • Flexible benefits package.
  • Competitive base salary, compensation programs, and an annual incentive program.
  • You must be dedicated to the task and give your 100%.
  • A High School Diploma or General Education Diploma is required.

How to Apply:

Links provided above will directly take you to the respective jobs of Bowen Group. You will see all the details and information related to the openings. Note that we are just a research company that puts together job listings so you can get hired. Please don’t waste your precious time sending us your CV or asking about the jobs.

You won’t get a better opportunity than this, Apply Today!