Ultramar Is Hiring People In QC, ON, & NS – Over 100+ Jobs Are Available!

Ultramar is an eastern Canadian gas and home fuel retailer. They operate in Ontario, Quebec, & Atlantic Canada. Here at Ultramar, you as an employe will experience a professional environment, good compensation, top-notch benefits & more.

We have compiled a list of jobs that are available at Ultramar. Check them out!

What Ultramar Is Hiring For:

Above is the list of some fresh job openings at Ultramar. To view a complete list of available positions, click HERE.


  • Work experience is required as per job requirement.
  • It’s necessary to have a strong background in oil & gas sector.
  • Decisions making, exceptional technical and analytical skills would be a plus
  • Flexible benefits package.
  • Competitive base salary, compensation programs, and an annual incentive program.
  • You must be dedicated to the task and give your 100%.
  • A High School Diploma or General Education Diploma is required.
  • You must have an honest and engaging personality.
  • Applicants must be flexible and influential.

How to Apply:

Links provided above will directly take you to the respective jobs of Ultramar. You will see all the details and information related to the openings. Note that we are just a research company that puts together job listings so you can get hired. Please don’t waste your precious time sending us your CV or asking about the jobs.

Apply Today & Get Hired, Good Luck!