Immediate job openings at Site C and some latest info on the “Mega dam”

As per Premier Christy Clark, Site C dam will be the last project of its king for whole Canada. The work on the project is progressing better than expected. The government however has faced some pressure on the development of such a mass project.

The dam could be the last “mega dam projects” – The CEO of BC Hydro and Christy Clark are of this opinion.

Despite the pressure and controversies, the work is well underway and the project continues to produce employment.

Here is a list of some of the latest job openings at Site C

Site-C Scheduler

This is a full time position and the site currently has 3 openings for this position. Minimum bachelor’s degree required.

Cost Control – Site C

Candidates must be BSc. Civil Engineering. This is a full time position.

Geo-Technical Field Technician

Main job responsibilities would include to supervise and log drill holes and test pits in various materials, etc.

Site-C Site Safety Manager

This is a full time position requiring the candidate to have at least 10 years of experience.

Payroll – Site C

Main job responsibilities include but are not limited to collecting, compiling and entering payroll data using appropriate software, etc.

Site-C Geo-technical Field Technician

Site C has 3 positions open for this post. Successful candidates must have at least 7 years of relevant experience of heavy construction projects

Maintenance Technician

Major job responsibilities include but are not limited to monitoring daily temperature and humidity and reporting any problems or concerns to management, etc.

Site-C Junior Schedule Engineer

Total number of positions available for this post is 3. Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree.

Labour Relations Advisor

Candidates must have a degree in HR and must be efficient with Word, Excel, etc,

Senior Safety Manager

Candidate must have 5 years of relevant experience. Minimum qualification required for this position is bachelor’s.