The latest fly-in/fly-out job opportunities in Alberta

Fly-in/fly-out is a method particularly used in employing people to remote areas. These employees are flown in and out of the work site by the company. It is also abbreviated as FIFO and is very famous in the oil patch industry in Canada and USA.

Below are some of the latest fly-in/fly-out job openings in Alberta.

Site Superintendent

This position will be based on a rotation of 2 week in and 2 weeks out. Locations or work include but are not limited to NWT, Saskatchewan, etc.

EO/Driver II – High Pressure

Pay rate for this position will $32 – $34. This is a camp based position where full benefits will be provided after 30 days.

Operations Coordinator

Your job in this role will be to assist with other team members on maintenance, scheduling and planning of tasks including various equipment.

Service Manager, Fort McMurray

Candidates applying for this role must have at least 5 years of experience and a degree in business management or equivalent.

Dispatcher Supervisor, Mine Production

For this position post-secondary education, preferably in mining is a must. Other than that applicants also must have 5 years of relevant experience.

Laboratory Analyst – Fort McMurray Oil Sands Lab

In this role you will be responsible to deliver top-notch analytical data in a timely manner.

Asset Integrity Lead – Horizon Oil Sands

Your main responsibility will be to asses, address and eliminate threats at the site.

Control Room Specialist, Primary Extraction

Applicants applying for this role must have 10 or more years of experience preferably in mining, extraction, petrochemical, etc.

Technician, Heavy Equipment – Horizon Oil Sands

For this role knowledge of heavy duty mechanical instruments and equipment is a must. You will be required to use this skillset on various equipment.

Heavy Equipment Operator

In this role you will be required to operate and manage various heavy equipment during the construction phase and after it as well.

Shift Supervisor, Maintenance Secondary Extraction

In this role you will mainly be dealing with the delivery of operations plans. The majority of your time will be spent on the work field.

Supervisor, Field

Required experience for this position is at least 5 years as a heavy equipment technician.

Technologist, Dyke Construction Monitoring

If selected, you will be relocated to either Calgary of Fort Mac. Salary and other benefits would be based upon qualification and experience.

Vending Operator

This is a camp based position and salary would be based on qualification and experience.

Mine Trainer (Hard Rock)

This job is going to offer you daily overtime, competitive salary, weekly pay, flights in and out of work, etc.

OTR Tire Technician

This job offers competitive salary, paid travel expenditure, chances of promotion and increments, etc.

Maintenance Coordinator, Tailings

Candidates must have strong knowledge of risk management and best practices related to pipeline, welding, mobile equipment, etc.

Heavy Duty Mechanic: Truck and Transport

This position has 12 hours’ workdays, daily and weekly overtime, competitive wage, etc.

Light Duty Mechanic

This position has 12 hours’ workdays, daily and weekly overtime, competitive wage, etc.

How to apply!

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