Top 100 oil and gas companies in Canada & links to their career/contact pages

Here are the biggest oil and gas companies in Canada in terms of production. The aim of this post is to make easier for our readers to search for jobs and get hired by the right company.

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Imperial Oil Ltd

Husky Energy Inc

Cennovus Energy Inc

Canadian Natural Resources

Syncrude Canada Ltd

Encana Corp

Harvest Operations Corp

Talisman Energy Inc

Canadian Oil Sands Ltd.

Crescent Point Energy Corp.

Penn West Petroleum Ltd.

ARC Resources Ltd.

Enerplus Corporation

MEG Energy Corp.

Pengrowth energy Corp.

Vermilion Energy Corp.

Baytex Energy Corp.

Lightstream Resources Ltd.

Bonavista Energy Corp.

Gran Tierra Energy Inc.

Tourmaline Oil Corp.

Parex Resources Inc.

Peyto Exploration & Development Corp.

Trilogy Energy Corp.

Bankers Petroleum Ltd.

Legacy Oil + Gas Inc.

Connacher Oil and Gas Ltd.

Long Run Exploration Ltd.

Whitecap Resources Inc.

Crew Energy Inc.

TransGlobe Energy Corp.

Twin Buttle Energy Ltd.

Bellatrix Exploration Ltd.

Birchcliff Energy Ltd.

Bonterra Energy Corp.

Advantage Oil and Gas Corp.

Spyglass Resources

Surge Energy Inc.

Paramount Resources Ltd.

Renegade Petroleum Ltd.

NuVista Energy Ltd.

Perpetual Energy Inc.

Blackpearl Resources Inc.

Freehold Royalties Ltd.

Chinook Energy Inc.

Raging River Exploration Inc.

Mart Resources

TORC Oil & Gas Ltd.

DeeThree Exploration Ltd.

Angle Energy Inc

Zargon Oil & Gas Ltd.

Athabasca Oil Corp.

Longview Oil Corp.

Acquired by Surge Energy.

Argent Energy Trust

Serinus Energy Inc.

RMP Energy Inc.

Niko Resources Ltd.

Painted Pony Petroleum Ltd.

Cequence Energy Ltd.

Canacol Energy Ltd.

Delphi Energy Corp.

Lone Pine Resources Inc.

Arsenal Energy Inc.

Gear Energy Ltd.

Pinecrest Energy Inc.

Acquired 90% by Virginia Hills Oil Corp.

Novus Energy Inc.

Southern Pacific Resources Corp.

Doesn’t have a website.

Tamarack Valley Energy Ltd.

Strategic Oil and Gas Ltd.

Anderson Energy Ltd.

Artek Exploration Ltd.

Acquired by Kelt Exploration.

Santonia Energy Inc.

Doesn’t have a website but here is a brief review.

Manitok Energy Inc.

Storm Resources Ltd.

Marquee Energy Ltd.

Kelt Exploration

Epsilon Energy Ltd.

TriOil Resources Ltd.

Terra Energy Corp.

Palliser Oil and Gas Corp.

Pine Cliff Energy Ltd.

Stream Oil & Gas Ltd.

No website but here’s a brief overview.

Dundee Energy Ltd.

Yangarra Resources Ltd.

TosCana Energy Income Corp.

TAG Oil Ltd.

Caracal Energy Inc.

Doesn’t have a website but here is a brief overview.

Yoho Resources Inc.

Exall Energy Corp.

Doesn’t have a website.

Pan Orient Energy Corp.

Questerre Energy Corp.

Questfire Energy Corp.

Corridor Resources Inc.

Waldron Energy Corp.

Valeura Energy Inc.

How it Works

Links above will take you to the career pages of the top 100 oil and gas companies in Canada. In case there is no career page, you will be directed to their contact page/website.